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11-02-2016 01:41:51  <punkman>   was just wondering if you ever talked to the Jim fellow that owns both that and 8ch

26-06-2015 02:16:21  <williamdunne>   !s 8ch

26-06-2015 02:16:21  <assbot>   6 results for '8ch' : http://s.b-a.link/?q=8ch

21-06-2015 17:03:40  <williamdunne>   Oh and what is the name of the 8ch guy again?

17-06-2015 09:48:57  <copypaste>   i think they are attempting not to mention me and 8ch

27-05-2015 01:17:49  <Vexual>   mps 8ch endeavour has left evry free vestage of trilema reading barren

21-05-2015 04:36:44  <BingoBoingo>   Oh, looks like /btc/ fell of of 8ch

13-05-2015 08:51:57  <cazalla>   copypaste, hope that wasn't you i just ate in agario :P 8ch

13-05-2015 07:56:39  <cazalla>   tbh i only lurk 8ch besides the occasional shit post so if you've answered AMA type shit before, i'll go have a google