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13-06-2017 21:04:33  <jurov>   lol malware uses britney spears instagram to find command server https://www.welivesecurity.com/2017/06/06/turlas-watering-hole-campaign-updated-firefox-extension-abusing-instagram/

18-01-2016 11:01:24  <jurov>   https://ejj.io/abusing-your-browser-favicon/ < i wanted to paste this

04-11-2015 01:46:42  <jurov>   child abuse

17-02-2015 20:39:43  <jurov>   !s abuse from:jurov

17-02-2015 19:39:38  <jurov>   re: simpleshell.com everything in chroot was killed after 15 minutes, that's is quite a difference from permanent setup, and abuse reports were last blow

12-02-2015 19:15:31  <jurov>   ;;sell 1 "AWS VPS servers" at 1 BTC "Prepaid for at least one month. AWS price * 1.25 / BitstampUSD. Any other related expenses (like bandwidth) charged extra at same rate. Must abide AWS ToS and react properly to any abuse notices."

08-12-2014 17:10:28  <jurov>   any wot that can be collapsed down to one number can and will be abused

03-07-2014 23:32:11  <jurov>   that took 5 years of abuse

01-10-2013 12:00:54  <jurov>   mircea_popescu in many cases the difference is not clear - will the child hurt less when it stays with abusive mother or when it goes away?

17-07-2013 22:13:03  <jurov>   hm, is jd investment/withdrawal instant? if yes, i can see some space for abuse there

02-06-2013 18:24:54  <jurov>   "Theymos has been involved in more than one scam and has abused his power." << so this is a fact too?