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04-05-2018 04:07:25  <adlai>   (dude essentially cold-called me because i knew a bit of history in a telegram chat for altcoin scammers)

15-12-2017 06:41:31  <adlai>   ;;later tell funkenstein_ is "not a casino" supposed to be a diss? how about "totally not an altcoin scammer"?

14-11-2017 10:11:01  <punkman>   every altcoin I've bought I just managed to break even

17-10-2017 05:43:08  <punkman>   https://www.cointelegraph.com/news/bitcoin-altcoin-exchange-bittrex-eyed-with-suspicion-due-to-thousands-of-mysterious-account-closings

26-09-2017 18:12:53  <punkman>   should have launched an altcoin with proof of burn

25-08-2017 15:09:14  <pankkake>   which different from the Altcoin named Altcoin (ATC) that was started here

25-08-2017 15:05:04  <assbot>   Altcoin (ALT) price, charts, market cap, and other metrics | CoinMarketCap ... ( http://bit.ly/2vwhcRy )

25-08-2017 15:05:03  <punkman>   https://coinmarketcap.com/assets/altcoin-alt/

25-08-2017 15:04:59  <punkman>   ah ofc, they have an altcoin named "Altcoin"

25-08-2017 14:59:11  <assbot>   DetectorToken - Altcoin & Betting Detector Token ... ( http://bit.ly/2vvGMWR )

01-08-2017 21:58:36  <punkman>   in other altcoin newz https://techcrunch.com/2017/08/01/impossible-foods-just-raised-75-million-for-its-plant-based-burgers/

26-07-2017 16:23:07  <pankkake>   especially with all the altcoin trading

22-07-2017 22:57:48  <scatha>   i do send BTC a lot more often, but then again, i have been doing a lot of altcoin trading.

22-07-2017 22:45:12  <scatha>   what is paypal? never heard of that altcoin.

15-06-2017 19:47:12  <pankkake>   I suspect it's for GPU mining still, there are services to auto mine whatever altcoin and get bitcoins in return

24-05-2017 15:01:21  <luke-jr>   hardfork = new altcoin that everyone using Bitcoin switches to and calls Bitcoin

15-05-2017 12:35:13  <adlai>   skunkz: it's worth bearing in mind that any free information offered about altcoin "trading" (ie, pumps&dumps) is not unlikely to be deliberate misleading. the true facts are likely kept private

15-05-2017 12:08:09  <skunkz>   Hi, can you recommend my any active irc/slack server discussing altcoin trading?

15-03-2017 05:21:06  <assbot>   "Bitcoin" (Altcoin) Unlimited Experiences Drop In Node Count Due To Remote Crash Vulnerability | Qntra ... ( http://bit.ly/2mHTcIg )

15-03-2017 05:21:05  <davout>   kakobrekla: http://qntra.net/2017/03/bitcoin-altcoin-unlimited-experiences-drop-in-node-count-due-to-remote-crash-vulnerability/

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