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21-06-2019 09:35:30  <adlai>   "i dunno what that is. bitcoin addresses begin with a 1, maybe 3 if you're really crazy, but wtf is this"

08-11-2016 13:43:01  <adlai>   but this is like saying, "any bitcoin sent to an address 1XYZabc542etcetc which is not one of the addresses from which I can spend, is not a valid Bitcoin payment", and one would not be 100% incorrect

27-10-2016 20:27:03  <adlai>   i'll have what asciilifeform is drinking... p2sh addresses look to trb like they're secured by a hash preimage script which existed in bitcoin since day zero. it won't get relayed, but it will validate in a block, and the outputs will be... whatever they are. if they're p2pkh outputs, ie regular 1xyvz addresses, trb should be able to spend them

16-08-2016 21:11:10  <punkman>   flimflams: "oops flushed the orderbook again", "oops mispaid dividends again", "HELLO I AM THE CEO OF BITCOIN, HERE IS THE BITCOIN EXAM, oh what do you mean btc addresses don't keep a balance?" "it's not socialized losses, it's btc cartelisation research" "you were being an asshole so I banned your mpex account"

28-04-2016 16:47:40  <punkman>   /me does not find things like "HERE IS THE BITCOIN EXAM" -> "wait u mean btc addresses don't hold a balance" very endearing

19-04-2016 17:36:03  <kakobrekla>   step one is stop davout from deliberately overpaying the silently pleased owners of certain bitcoin addresses

23-03-2016 19:38:39  <kakobrekla>   the thing is, i was in charge of x, he was in charge of y. a part of y was 'delivery of bitcoin to winning addresses' which, by mp claims, was done wrongfully (hence the charge)

23-03-2016 14:04:28  <assbot>   24 results for 'bitcoin is addresses' : http://s.b-a.link/?q=bitcoin+is+addresses

23-03-2016 14:04:27  <davout>   !s bitcoin is addresses

23-03-2016 14:03:35  <mircea_popescu>   this is an eery rehash of the earlier thing re "bitcoin is addresses / no it's txn" where jurov massacred me.

03-03-2016 13:22:55  <shinohai>   "Bitcoin was designed and is intended to work with anonymous addresses" <<< but thought addresses weren't completely anonymous anyway.

10-02-2016 19:13:25  <asciilifeform>   rate is zero across currencies and issue Bitcoin 2.0 based on incoming bitcoin and signatures made by participating addresses. This means the issuance honors mining until the end of bitcoin and can be more than total bitcoin present. I suspect 1 BTC 2.0 will have the spending power of 1 USD current by issuance. My pedigree.'

24-01-2016 22:45:59  <mircea_popescu>   moreover, gpg is specificalloy intended to work as a PSEUDONYMOUS system. much like bitcoin addresses are.

21-12-2015 09:54:43  <assbot>   Logged on 21-12-2015 06:25:36; pete_dushenski: besides, is not trb news the dominion of mod6 'state of bitcoin addresses' or qntra ? i can certainly qntra, but i guess i'm not equipped to appreciate the significance of glibc-less-netbsd

21-12-2015 06:25:36  <pete_dushenski>   besides, is not trb news the dominion of mod6 'state of bitcoin addresses' or qntra ? i can certainly qntra, but i guess i'm not equipped to appreciate the significance of glibc-less-netbsd

08-08-2015 16:18:22  <shinohai>   From: https://quedex.net/doc/security "The Cold Wallet is implemented on top of the Bitcoin Core client using watch-only addresses." <<< fail ?

29-01-2015 23:56:52  <mircea_popescu>   heh, the gavin idiots. "The chart below illustrates the growth in the number of transactions per day along with Bitcoin's market cap1. There is a strong correlation between the two variables2. If the correlation continues to hold, it suggests that the 1 MB blocksize limit may also limit Bitcoin's future liquidity and adoption. 1I've plotted the number of transactions excluding popular addresses to remove the on-chain

11-12-2014 09:03:51  <fluffypony>   adlai: the problem is that the "amazing tech" can't easily be copied by BTC - although I'd agree fully on that being applicable to altcoins based off of the Bitcoin codebase. the problem isn't so much the code, it's that the stealth addresses + ring signatures are such a radical departure that Bitcoin would (obviously) have to hardfork to an address format that is completely different to their current one (since it requires 2x 256-bit

14-11-2014 23:46:16  <mircea_popescu>   the only proper way to use bitcoin addresses as identification correctly is to run a never-connected node that has no balance.

17-10-2014 03:03:02  <assbot>   /coinbase What is your policy and plan regarding blacklisting bitcoin addresses and associating them with customer accounts?

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