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01-02-2016 15:21:54  <assbot>   Current Bitcoin XT contains a network splitting bug. Rather than behaving responsibly, the maintainers of BitcoinXT are smearing the developers of Bitcoin Core (whom had nothing to do with their bug). : bitcoinxt ... ( http://bit.ly/1SxDYQC )

19-01-2016 19:57:53  <assbot>   Bitcoin Classic, and the future of the /r/BitcoinXT subreddit. : bitcoinxt ... ( http://bit.ly/23cQrOW )

19-01-2016 19:57:52  <mircea_popescu>   https://www.reddit.com/r/bitcoinxt/comments/41l2ge/bitcoin_classic_and_the_future_of_the_rbitcoinxt/ << in other lulz.

16-01-2016 14:01:47  <mircea_popescu>   shinohai i looked through that thing yest, went "hmm, reddit went very weird ?" then realised that it's not r/bitcoin, nor r/buttcoin nor r/bitcoinxt but YET ANOTHER subreddit.

02-01-2016 17:08:15  <assbot>   Arch Linux with cinnamon : bitcoinxt ... ( http://bit.ly/1R6QZlq )

30-12-2015 20:09:14  <thestringpuller>   https://www.reddit.com/r/bitcoinxt/comments/3yrwg9/what_bitcoin_related_news_websites_do_you_all/cyghidu << lets see how many downvotes I get!

29-12-2015 15:16:49  <thestringpuller>   https://www.reddit.com/r/bitcoinxt/comments/3ybds9/core_is_only_bitcoin_by_name_lets_just_fork_the/cyc2ktv << holy shit. I didn't think redditards could get any more stupid...and now this: "if there will be no miners the difficulty will drop until we can become CPU miners again."

21-12-2015 10:30:25  <mircea_popescu>   did the "well we wanted to do xt but mp nixed it so i guess no xt" comunique appear as the last entry on bitcoinxt ?

12-11-2015 00:46:12  <mircea_popescu>   whole heap of "oh we'll make our bitcoinxt subreddit and everyone will come there!!11" crickets "oh hey look at this nobody gave a shit!"

09-11-2015 23:44:15  <pete_dushenski>   http://log.bitcoin-assets.com/?date=09-11-2015#1320801 << i accidentally stumbled into #bitcoinxt for the first time this morning, only to witness exactly this, to which gavin chimed in with a 'great work toomin!' to much personal amusement

08-11-2015 19:27:24  <mircea_popescu>   o wait, i know now! random guy who joined github in 2015, has absolutely no interests outside of bitcoinxt and totally absolutely is not a transparent front for any institutional player, 100% sure.

01-10-2015 15:57:40  <thestringpuller>   bitcoinxt is in a rage today

25-09-2015 10:31:29  <mircea_popescu>   if there weren't a pile of these "we"s running around, people^H^H^H^H reddit wouldn't be puzzling in the land of the lost "omaigawd bitcoinxt" etc.

25-09-2015 03:14:35  <assbot>   Eyewitness: People Walking Out of BitPay Office in Tears (Confirmed by BitPay Investor Khan's rag) : bitcoinxt ... ( http://bit.ly/1KTtN5Q )

25-09-2015 03:14:34  <BingoBoingo>   https://www.reddit.com/r/bitcoinxt/comments/3mae94/eyewitness_people_walking_out_of_bitpay_office_in/

22-09-2015 19:27:11  <shinohai>   https://www.reddit.com/r/bitcoinxt/comments/3le3dg/discussion_on_forum_stating_that_xt_is_a_failure/cv5mhwg

22-09-2015 00:21:13  <assbot>   Qntra on Ethereum vs BitcoinXT : bitcoinxt ... ( http://bit.ly/1PlOGX0 )

22-09-2015 00:21:12  <mircea_popescu>   https://www.reddit.com/r/bitcoinxt/comments/3lv58i/qntra_on_ethereum_vs_bitcoinxt/ << which one of you statist shills came up with the name.

21-09-2015 23:41:50  <assbot>   The 21 Bitcoin Computer : bitcoinxt ... ( http://bit.ly/1FbViaw )

21-09-2015 10:16:10  <mircea_popescu>   bitcoinxt

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