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10-12-2015 14:05:15  <mircea_popescu>   ge ; Joseph Bonneau Applied Crypto Group ; Jude Nelson Syndicate Private Cloud Storage ; Michael Folkson Founder of RiskBazaar ; Noah Thorp Co-Founder Citizen Code ; Harlan T Wood Citizen Code Enlightened Structure ; Duke Dorje Citizen Code Formerly PGP ; Joel Dietz Citizen Code Founder of Swarm ; Patrick Deegan CTO of Personal BlackBox ; John Edge Cofounder & Chairman Identity2020 ; Justin Newton Netki Foun

03-12-2015 23:25:00  <phf>   at my previous company we had a guy who used to work at lockheed, apparently they had a d-wave machine, and guy was tasked with encoding matrix reduction problems into the thing. he didn't really have anything interesting to say. you write code, send it to blackbox, results come out.

18-09-2015 15:06:52  <Pierre_Rochard>   now enjoying a sabbatical, learning C++ so I can finally ~understand the bitcoin blackbox

13-08-2015 15:29:54  <pete_dushenski>   "old intel products like all old computing hardware is unsafe at any speed. please to upgrade to latest blackbox for maximal safety and suckoority"

05-05-2015 22:40:06  <scoopbot_revived>   News! The Chinese blackbox. URL: http://www.contravex.com/2015/05/05/the-chinese-blackbox/

10-04-2015 08:40:21  <pete_dushenski>   they're sort of in the 'yubikey' camp of 'blackbox toy crypto that plugs into usb'

08-04-2015 00:29:03  <assbot>   8 results for 'blackbox' : http://s.b-a.link/?q=blackbox

08-04-2015 00:29:02  <BingoBoingo>   !s blackbox

01-03-2015 07:29:01  <asciilifeform>   gabriel_laddel: eww opengl blackbox

15-11-2014 00:40:52  <ben_vulpes>   why so much more confident in the satoshi turd than the conformal blackbox?

29-09-2014 19:32:18  <thestringpuller>   asciilifeform: could the cardano be used as a blackbox key generator? for instance someone once escrow keys that are one time use, the device can sign a message utilizing these generated keys, but they are inevitably destroyed, and no one has true record of the private keys used to sign said message

04-04-2014 01:09:19  <dignork>   kakobrekla, you mean source code audit, or just blackbox tinkering?

29-03-2014 22:13:53  <truffles>   get a blackbox ull know it all

22-01-2014 18:15:35  <punkman>   it's not blackbox-y?

22-11-2013 17:16:39  <mircea_popescu>   i don't see how a blackbox item would be useful or practical.

26-09-2013 03:44:08  <truffles>   wanted to check if bitcoin has its own blackbox issues now too