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16-01-2016 09:12:41  <*>   BingoBoingo more worried about... giving BTCJam any information at all

16-01-2016 09:12:14  <punkman>   you must have rocks in your head to be using btcjam << lending money on btcjam is stupid, taking their money, eh, why not

16-01-2016 09:02:32  <assbot>   kingking190 - BTCJam ... ( http://bit.ly/1Q4JuIx )

16-01-2016 09:02:14  <BingoBoingo>   lol still using btcjam?

16-01-2016 09:01:55  <cazalla>   kingking190, you must have rocks in your head to be using btcjam (where i saw the avatar of you and the wife)

30-09-2015 14:25:47  <thestringpuller>   I'm amazed BTCJam has survived so long.

30-09-2015 14:25:01  <*>   lobbes used to work with a guy that would come into office everyday talking about his btcjam 'investors club'; couldn't talk sense into the guy

30-09-2015 14:23:37  <mircea_popescu>   o hey, redditard crowd finally catching up to 2013ish mpoe-pr, discovering btcjam is a scam ?

21-09-2015 09:44:55  <punkman>   "How many investments did auto-invest make for you?" "About 30 on BTCJam. I'm hoping to turn the loss into profit with the Law of Big Numbers though I'm not optimistic."

15-09-2015 20:43:28  <shinohai>   ;;later tell davout btcjam kinda touchy aren't they?

09-09-2015 22:25:49  <kakobrekla>   BTCJam < 1 minute ago

22-06-2015 07:01:46  <assbot>   139 results for 'btcjam' : http://s.b-a.link/?q=btcjam

22-06-2015 07:01:44  <pete_dushenski>   !s btcjam

22-06-2015 07:01:37  <pete_dushenski>   http://www.coindesk.com/judge-rules-in-peer-to-peer-bitcoin-lending-lawsuit/ << fiat court tries to deal with fallout of btcjam scamming

15-05-2015 17:10:37  <joecool>   my favorite example from there is aethero... he was king of the $10 paypal trade, built up his trust and then took out ~$100k USD equiv in btc loans from everyone in -otc and btcjam...

28-04-2015 16:32:49  <davout>   i parse that as some variant of btcjam

24-04-2015 22:59:41  <assbot>   P2P Lending: I just loaned 100 peeps bitcoin on BTCJam. Here's some of my thoughts. : Bitcoin ... ( http://bit.ly/1yYIH7a )

01-04-2015 20:26:28  <assbot>   Logged on 22-03-2015 04:00:07; mircea_popescu: http://log.bitcoin-assets.com/?date=22-03-2015#1063215 <<< note the important takeaway here. nothing keeps people in other places with shit banks from being intelligent, getting in wot, becoming part of the actual bitcoin marketplace. there's people here from all over the world. over time, a low effort / consumer thing like btcjam HAS TO devolve into the typical check advance / spam loan operation.

27-03-2015 17:05:54  <danielpbarron>   so there you go! turns out you didn't even need btcjam

27-03-2015 17:02:18  <felipelalli>   mircea_popescu: thank you so much, but I don't need in this moment, and I hope not need soon, or never. Also, the private keys of my btcs isn't so easy to access right now. But if I need it one day for (an investment in my company maybe?), the first place I'll try is here. But I won't, don't worry. I think my loans on btcjam was another excitement test than real need. I thoroughly enjoyed your offer, very grateful for that.

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