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28-03-2016 18:48:53  <asciilifeform>   when you find yourself asking 'which wot' - that is already a descent into buluceala.

28-03-2016 18:48:34  <assbot>   16 results for 'buluceala' : http://s.b-a.link/?q=buluceala

28-03-2016 18:48:33  <asciilifeform>   !s buluceala

23-03-2016 19:43:03  <asciilifeform>   or you get buluceala and chaos.

23-03-2016 19:28:08  <asciilifeform>   and it would have cured this particular buluceala - it would be obvious who is paying whom for what at all times.

23-03-2016 19:25:28  <asciilifeform>   the whole ~point~, i thought, of bitcoin, is to nuke the buluceala

23-03-2016 19:15:22  <assbot>   11 results for 'buluceala' : http://s.b-a.link/?q=buluceala

23-03-2016 19:15:21  <asciilifeform>   !s buluceala

14-03-2016 19:17:03  <asciilifeform>   !s buluceala

14-03-2016 19:17:03  <assbot>   8 results for 'buluceala' : http://s.b-a.link/?q=buluceala

14-03-2016 19:16:57  <asciilifeform>   PeterL: this must be so because if this were not so, we have buluceala.

02-02-2016 17:06:08  <assbot>   6 results for 'buluceala' : http://s.b-a.link/?q=buluceala

02-02-2016 17:06:07  <ascii_butugychag>   !s buluceala

31-01-2016 16:57:36  <asciilifeform>   'So, are you whiter than him or darker than him ? If whiter, you go before him, if darker after him. Problem of "who goes first" solved, and inasmuch as it's an irrelevant problem anyway, it doesn't matter how it's solved just as long as it's solved. The Arabs implement this exact solution, which is why I never saw buluceala in their very popular mosques. The Romanians do not implement it, or anything else, and as such bulucea

31-01-2016 16:56:26  <assbot>   2 results for 'buluceala' : http://s.b-a.link/?q=buluceala

31-01-2016 16:56:25  <asciilifeform>   !s buluceala

31-01-2016 16:56:12  <asciilifeform>   also reminds me of the 'buluceala' article

22-01-2016 18:41:54  <ascii_butugychag>   i'd conjecture that 'africanization' is at its height when the 'food dispenser' ~responds to human buluceala'

02-01-2016 16:38:10  <ascii_rear>   the very sweet lure of zapping 'buluceala'