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14-11-2017 10:22:17  <assbot>   Logged on 20-11-2015 14:56:52; mircea_popescu: davout the coke machine is this putative alf-proposed torturing device to extract bitcoin out of people. he's twisted like that.

14-11-2017 10:20:55  <assbot>   52 results for 'coke machine' : http://s.b-a.link/?q=coke+machine

14-11-2017 10:20:54  <punkman>   !s coke machine

14-11-2017 10:20:47  <punkman>   more like dungeon coke machine

30-05-2016 16:18:59  <punkman>   guv gonna plunder and resistance gets you in coke machine

31-03-2016 17:59:25  <asciilifeform>   PeterL: nah, eventually hitler comes and coke machine

20-03-2016 22:56:34  <asciilifeform>   'i put in a coin in the coke machine and nothing came out.' ' mircea_popescu: let them go to mechanic school, learn to fix machines...'

02-03-2016 17:51:45  <mircea_popescu>   consider it a sort of coke machine for miner rigs. inasmuch as you do exactly what they'd have done, you can keep it. else - reorg.

21-02-2016 04:44:36  <gernika>   l0l the ethiopian coke machine

21-02-2016 04:43:39  <gernika>   asciilifeform: you might be interested to know that the scheme involved some sort of Coke Machine with a water filtration system.

12-02-2016 12:43:20  <asciilifeform>   http://log.bitcoin-assets.com/?date=12-02-2016#1403407 << mega-l0l!! land of the rising sun does not read the logz! doesn't know how to set up 'coke machine' ?!

01-02-2016 21:58:05  <BingoBoingo>   Coke Machine

26-01-2016 23:52:22  <adlai>   ascii_butugychag: fwiw, Bitcoin is its own (decentralized, to boot!) coke machine

26-01-2016 23:49:38  <adlai>   in other words, if the coke machine is +EV, then bitcoin's Existence will at least prove that "but he loves you" (carlin)

26-01-2016 23:45:33  <ascii_butugychag>   for completeness, the operating cost of the coke machine cannot be assumed to be zero

26-01-2016 23:34:49  <ascii_butugychag>   if adlai knows how to rigorously prove the 'coke machine' to be -EV, i would like to hear.

26-01-2016 23:26:24  <assbot>   37 results for 'coke machine' : http://s.b-a.link/?q=coke+machine

26-01-2016 23:26:23  <ascii_butugychag>   !s coke machine

26-01-2016 23:25:47  <ascii_butugychag>   adlai: are you familiar with my 'coke machine' hypothesis ?

24-12-2015 16:11:27  <mircea_popescu>   the most you'll get is a can of coke out of a vending machine.

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