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23-05-2016 20:23:25  <asciilifeform>   kakobrekla: fine - great job unsubmitting ? now do something interesting and constructive ? wanna help me prove non-malleability of cramer-shoup ?

21-03-2016 15:39:54  <mod6>   <+mircea_popescu> hanbot mod6 maybe an extension to deedbot where people could go !tag <string> and then a collection of clickable tags is published somewhere, each leading to a list of loglines ? << This could work -- it's in the vein of the 'BUTTSECKS' flag. Which seems simple enough. And the given topic-'tag' is a decent idea, i.e. 'OOM' or 'Cramer-Shoup' or 'keccak'

27-02-2016 19:46:09  <asciilifeform>   ben_vulpes: to get briefly back to the cramer shoup thing, i am very much curious re: who is going to review it, and how

27-02-2016 03:01:51  <asciilifeform>   http://www.shoup.net/papers/cca-fac.pdf << claims to be a nyooer, better!!111 cramer-shoup.

25-02-2016 19:45:25  <assbot>   Cramer-Shoup ... ( http://bit.ly/1p9oZ4I )

25-02-2016 00:39:06  <mod6>   Perhaps this: Implement with Cramer-Shoup, and if the implementation is finalized before any worthy submissions come to us, then end the contest and pay the btc to alf?

25-02-2016 00:32:29  <mod6>   I'm kinda torn, I want us to move forward with 'g', so Cramer-Shoup fits the bill for sure. On the other hand, I'd like to think that over a long interval we might see some interesting submissions eventually.

25-02-2016 00:29:18  <mod6>   <+mircea_popescu> well lessee here, one of mod6 ben_vulpes give an opinion on this ? << In relation to the contest? I'm good with Cramer-Shoup.

24-02-2016 16:20:38  <asciilifeform>   of cramer-shoup.

09-02-2016 17:44:47  <asciilifeform>   ;;later tell mircea_popescu i was looking at generalizing the 'oracle' resistance from cramer-shoup to other systems

08-02-2016 15:43:21  <ascii_butugychag>   ;;later tell mircea_popescu do you know of any working implementations of cramer-shoup other than the emacslisp one i linked last week ?

07-02-2016 20:54:03  <mircea_popescu>   you ever looked into cramer-shoup ?

06-02-2016 17:56:56  <ben_vulpes>   cramer shoup + shared key does not reduce to...otp?

06-02-2016 17:47:35  <mircea_popescu>   as we agreed, cramer-shoup with shared key is acceptable symmetric cipher.

06-02-2016 17:47:15  <asciilifeform>   on the other hand, 'the spice must flow.' and if i hear nothing, 'g' is coming out with rsa or cramer-shoup in abusive mode.

05-02-2016 20:57:09  <assbot>   The Cramer Shoup Crypto System ... ( http://bit.ly/23OeAeS )

02-02-2016 15:59:23  <mircea_popescu>   cramer shoup!

28-11-2015 17:20:28  <ascii_field>   e.g., prove correctness (or otherwise) of cramer-shoup

28-11-2015 17:14:53  <mircea_popescu>   "If the space of possible messages is larger than the size of , then Cramer?Shoup may be used in a hybrid cryptosystem to improve efficiency on long messages. Note that it is not possible to split the message into several pieces and encrypt each piece independently, because the chosen-ciphertext security property is not preserved in this way."

28-11-2015 16:57:58  <mircea_popescu>   let us indulge then. cramer-shoup is an asym key system, just like rsa or ecc.

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