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18-02-2017 16:58:15  <funkenstein_>   your deedbot shares are something to hold in the hand, as are colored coin shares

18-02-2017 16:39:53  <funkenstein_>   i don't see why your deedbot scheme can't work in principle, but as you said it's a question of maintenance, wallet needs to scan the deeds for relevant transactions

18-02-2017 15:38:03  <punkman>   funkenstein_: gpg+deedbot maybe?

26-01-2017 21:49:29  <punkman>   I have simple solution for history.txt, each patch includes what would go in history.txt as lines of comments at top of file. better than putting the comments in email list or irc logs or deedbot. then your press can shit out history.txt along with source

26-08-2016 20:08:52  <asciilifeform>   #t's deedbot sits on top of a trb node. mircea_popescu uses it (though when, where, and how often, i cannot say, but he does operate a handful of public nodes)

21-08-2016 10:54:22  <znort987>   kako: yeah, was poking at deedbot to get the rating comments out, didn't find a way

21-08-2016 09:29:53  <punkman>   oh wait it was deedbot

26-06-2016 13:13:50  <kakobrekla>   Apocalyptic deedbot is no longer here so i fail to see the point of keeping the subdomain pointed there

26-05-2016 20:04:54  <pankkake>   if so, I suppose he used deedbot to prove it was his intent all along?

29-04-2016 12:14:39  <thestringpuller>   deedbot is so much worse than assbot

07-04-2016 21:08:54  <mats>   don't see why you need a block height attached unless you're implicitly referring to a deedbot hash

07-04-2016 16:26:14  <tripleslash>   the newest version that trilema is using via deedbot

05-04-2016 18:21:24  <jurov>   <deedbot> mircea_popescu updated rating of kakobrekla from 5 to -5 << Cap'n of industree, borrowed my blender, then decided to try and make gravel and... it just didn't work out!

05-04-2016 17:48:51  <jurov>   fluffypony: #t-a forked assbot wot and it's impelmented in deedbot

01-04-2016 11:11:35  <kakobrekla>   – from Matic Ko?evar: the deedbot’d DB, codebase, and contents of the hot wallet amounting to 4.83378422 BTC [1, 2]

31-03-2016 18:18:13  <asciilifeform>   the deadman tx, now that i think about it, can be deedbot-ed.

28-03-2016 18:32:56  <PeterL>   so now #b-a needs another implementation of deedbot?

28-03-2016 18:30:54  <asciilifeform>   deedbot, it appears, perma-moved ?

28-03-2016 17:10:12  <punkman>   oh we no longer have deedbot it seems

28-03-2016 16:24:41  <deedbot->   [Qntra] Hearn Can't Quit Maxwell, Declares Maxwell Bitcoin's Leader - http://qntra.net/2016/03/hearn-cant-quit-maxwell-declares-maxwell-bitcoins-leader/

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