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28-03-2016 17:20:13  <nubbins`>   nah he doesn't believe drugs make people high

08-02-2016 16:12:22  <nubbins`>   you can give up booze, smoking, drugs, etc

07-12-2015 17:29:28  <nubbins`>   essentially purchasing the drugs with your tax dollars, and not even using them afterward

07-12-2015 17:13:05  <nubbins`>   they just switch to prescription drugs.

07-12-2015 16:59:18  <nubbins`>   the stunned ones took out leases, blew their money on drugs and gasoline, and are now fucked

15-07-2015 12:57:37  <nubbins`>   "The substances purchased have been various Schedule I and II drugs, including ecstasy, cocaine, heroin, LSD, and others. As of April 2013, at least 56 samples of these purchases have been laboratory-tested, and, of these, 54 have shown high purity levels of the drug the item was advertised to be on Silk Road. "

18-06-2015 20:44:05  <nubbins`>   all i'm saying is that you absolutely, 100%, can purchase drugs online safely

18-06-2015 20:26:10  <nubbins`>   https://drugs-forum.com/forum/showthread.php?t=2026

18-06-2015 20:13:45  <nubbins`>   drugs are cut by dealer, not distributor

18-06-2015 19:57:16  <nubbins`>   people trying to sell drugs to toilets, etc

18-06-2015 19:53:19  <nubbins`>   unfortunately mp just left so he is unable to inform us that the hallucinogenic effects of drugs don't exist and we're deluding ourselves into pretending to be hallucinating

27-04-2015 14:50:49  <nubbins`>   but yeah, drugs and bitcoin are prolly the 2 stupidest so far

16-02-2015 16:21:55  <nubbins`>   personal amounts of recreational drugs.

15-10-2014 12:32:35  <nubbins`>   ;;google it's not a war on drugs, it's a war on personal freedom

18-09-2014 16:57:27  <nubbins`>   the point of the site was to let suburbia buy drugs without having to interact with dealers

12-08-2014 22:12:42  <nubbins`>   "these typos of drugs"

12-08-2014 22:12:25  <nubbins`>   "People can administer this drug fairly unknowingly to someone — an unknowing person — and we've had reports in the past, not so much of ketamine, but we have had reports in the past of these typos of drugs being administered in local establishments," said Curnew.

14-07-2014 22:59:48  <nubbins`>   benkay: what's a war on drugs but a legislated range of feelings?

04-06-2014 04:03:00  <nubbins`>   hospital on drugs, no fun

16-05-2014 14:26:59  <nubbins`>   i got drunker than i planned, smoked a ton of drugs, and still managed to not lose track of the money

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