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20-10-2016 11:58:20  <kakobrekla>   and to note, i have recently tested how increasing connection count affects minimizing block fetch delay and well, it doesnt.

22-05-2016 21:43:44  <kakobrekla>   hm i see assbot doesnt fetch titles anymore - gotta fix this

10-01-2015 00:50:24  <kakobrekla>   i just find the whole fetch command thing silly.

10-01-2015 00:47:30  <kakobrekla>   actually i can just make assbot pm scoopbot 'fetch' every 30 seconds and noone will ever know i fixed it.

10-01-2015 00:28:42  <kakobrekla>   !s fetch from:kakobrekla

05-01-2015 17:58:19  <kakobrekla>   forget the fetch nonsense.

05-01-2015 17:57:08  <kakobrekla>   i dont get this scoopbot 30 min delay + fetch command. when i setup rss feed for herr vulpes jenkins (which is now offline for some reason) i hit it once a minute cause i give no fucks. no need for this -fetch nonsense if you change the interval to something saner.

19-09-2014 02:19:25  <kakobrekla>   asciilifeform seems like they only do live fetch when its time to pull an address. anyway, what would be the gain doing that - i fail to see?

16-09-2014 03:00:05  <kakobrekla>   you need to select between 2 options. now you need to understand both and on top make a decision. if you opt for the second one, you also need to fetch the return address, since you dont understand what originating fucking address is.

11-05-2014 17:20:22  <kakobrekla>   ;;google fetch tweet by status number api

03-05-2014 04:03:52  <kakobrekla>   anyway, anytime you call it will fetch new data and compare it to last result from last call