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13-04-2018 11:30:44  <adlai>   so these people make music, which is not even bad and can be heard for the price of an internet connection, and call themselves "Thievery Corporation"

16-12-2017 19:52:28  <adlai>   my hobby is getting kicked out of the music building, because apparently pianos are built to be seen, not heard.

14-04-2017 02:24:58  <adlai>   or is this just the background music at your workbench?

27-02-2017 08:30:28  <adlai>   lel, reminds me of how idf soldiers have made palestinians prove their music cases contain instruments, and that they know how to play

29-04-2016 07:17:53  <adlai>   kakobrekla: fwiw, this may even be music to your ear^H^Hyes - i fantasize that jurov and i bled the feedback to death

31-12-2015 12:54:13  <adlai>   preferably set to background music, some sorta psytrance blockchain radiomabobber

05-08-2015 23:16:24  <Adlai>   goes well with music

08-05-2015 16:04:08  <Adlai>   gabriel_laddel: you must have terrible taste in music

29-03-2015 22:18:32  <Adlai>   all music is folk music, i ain't never seen a horse in the wot

29-03-2015 22:12:57  <Adlai>   !s from:adlai music

26-01-2015 11:20:35  <Adlai>   re IV - art is neither dead nor dying, but tastes change, and the financial incentives about them... maybe if it becomes less profitable overall, there'll be less crap commercialized art such as pop music or koons balloons

19-12-2014 12:39:00  <Adlai>   background music is left as an exercise for the viewer

01-12-2014 16:17:49  <adlai>   most music (increasingly so for more popular music) is incredibly formulaic

01-12-2014 16:15:28  <adlai>   this is an answer on several levels... music plays a rather large role in my life, although the ratio of consumption/production has been too high lately;

01-11-2014 14:45:17  <adlai>   "BitShares Music will be the first blockchain to be used by the masses" just shut up and take my money!