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11-12-2016 00:15:42  <asciilifeform>   jurov: i will ask you again, because it was not clear what answer was, if you're riding this 'mircea_popescu is evil genius and deceived everyone' train, what the hell are you doing operating coinbr and sitting as treasurer for trb ?

10-12-2016 21:04:50  <asciilifeform>   if jurov believes that mpex was an elaborate sham from day1, or even that it became on on day_t, how does he in good conscience continue to operate coinbr ?

18-02-2016 16:57:14  <asciilifeform>   !s from:asciilifeform coinbr

15-02-2016 18:41:09  <asciilifeform>   coinbr does not use popescutronic authenticator ?

12-02-2016 17:03:05  <asciilifeform>   thing is that you can't 'hodl' on coinbr, it has parking fee

15-05-2015 03:48:44  <asciilifeform>   williamdunne: i couldn't use coinbr even if wanted to, because it would be a recurring btc cost and i have no btc-denominated income stream.

15-05-2015 03:47:42  <asciilifeform>   williamdunne: i will not use coinbr.

05-03-2015 22:37:18  <asciilifeform>   i think i understand how coinbr works, and why

05-03-2015 22:30:48  <asciilifeform>   no issue, just the fact that i personally don't have any jobs for which coinbr is the right tool

05-03-2015 22:22:43  <asciilifeform>   calculate, how much coin would i need to have on hand for it to be worth the effort in getting a coinbr account and making the gears go correctly

05-03-2015 22:10:44  <asciilifeform>   as in, the maximum one could have hoped to earn on coinbr in a particular time interval starting with x btc

25-02-2015 16:24:34  <asciilifeform>   jurov: coinbr doesn't collect fingerprints iirc