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13-02-2016 01:03:07  <mircea_popescu>   http://log.bitcoin-assets.com/?date=12-02-2016#1403847 << tmsr. not only spending on deficit, but also saving millions on other people's [mostly mental] deficits.

31-01-2016 04:44:25  <mircea_popescu>   AND, to add to the list of wonders, all that growth is financed purely through unbacked deficit spending!

03-01-2016 23:28:28  <mircea_popescu>   <jurov> i had nfi dylsexia can be fixed with a mirror <<< not fixed, but apparently it's mostly a training deficit. people working with mirrors been doing seemingly miraculous shit.

28-12-2015 18:11:10  <mircea_popescu>   http://log.bitcoin-assets.com/?date=28-12-2015#1355381 << there's a huge difference between fully financed deficit (such as sae runs) and fully uncovered deficit, such as the us (or argentina) run.

03-06-2015 07:19:40  <mircea_popescu>   overeager young males with significant socialisation deficit.

22-04-2015 11:57:46  <mircea_popescu>   i dunno dood, lift the washington monument, realign jupiter, fill the mariane gap, cover the usg deficit

11-11-2014 22:05:41  <mircea_popescu>   asciilifeform the only thing ever in deficit in the world is the working brain and the erect penis.

22-10-2014 03:30:44  <mircea_popescu>   or was 900 the fiscal deficit

02-10-2014 21:25:39  <mircea_popescu>   here's 3 more lines for your deficit

15-04-2014 02:18:59  <mircea_popescu>   vision and a budget steps in and takes over. At this moment there is a deficit in player funds, and I would be able to cover them by taking out another bank loan but at this point I would rather sell it and cover all balances from the buying price, as it is pointless to run an internet business with no marketing or development budgets and basically working full time to maintain the just under $1000 in monthly turnover.

21-01-2014 03:15:25  <mircea_popescu>   well, let's put it this way : canada is running on a deficit. eventually the whole shebang will go up on auction.

12-12-2013 18:48:04  <mircea_popescu>   if i were to confiscate all property with broken title that's 80+ eyars old, i would be able to pay for the us deficit maybe even 3-4 years