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01-03-2016 02:26:42  <phf>   node was running fine inside a virtualbox openbsd though, same one that i built it on.

01-03-2016 02:25:47  <phf>   now that there was a suggestion of treating specific openbsd version as baseline, i think problem was that i built in on one openbsd and tried running on another

07-02-2016 16:04:59  <phf>   http://log.bitcoin-assets.com/?date=07-02-2016#1398750 << http://paste.lisp.org/display/306741 i thought i posted this before, but there are two fixes required on mac os x, sha512sum needs to be replaced with shasum -a 512 (and on openbsd with sha512). since awk can't find the command, it always goes for false. second fix is that you need to explicitly close the external checksum command, because bsd awk doesn't. instead it keeps all

24-01-2016 10:41:45  <phf>   the ~only~ "script" aspect of the patch is "-Wl,--whole-archive -lpthread -Wl,--no-whole-archive" which is a cross platform gcc argument that ensure that pthread is truly fully statically linked into bitcoind. the issue that some parts of it don't appear consistently with openbsd gcc ~and also on some of the linux gcc versions~. fucking says so in the original email

24-01-2016 08:18:57  <phf>   as it stands foundation doesn't support openbsd, and when someone wants to build on openbsd, i just support them directly

24-01-2016 08:17:39  <phf>   otherwise the work needs to be done by other foundation members, and it comes with commitment to support openbsd build

24-01-2016 08:13:55  <phf>   one of the features of the openbsd patch is that it should build cleanly on linux, i.e. naive build or a stator build. i did a naive build that work, while i was developing, but since i assume it was not included in stator i can't speak to that.

24-01-2016 07:58:59  <phf>   mircea_popescu: well, openbsd and timestamp are written in old diff format, their migration was not done by foundation when majority of patches were moved to vdiff. i interpreted that move as the patches not being needed and an invitation to perform migration myself.

24-01-2016 07:52:07  <phf>   openbsd patch as written results in a working build on both linux and openbsd. it introduces necessary ifdefs to ensure cross platform support. the only change that it does to makefile is, at least according to my research, is necessary with some versions of gcc, rather then openbsd specific (has to do with static linking of pthread). without that change build ~can~ produce broken static bitcoind on both openbsd and linux. at the time

24-01-2016 00:03:22  <phf>   fwiw openbsd didn't make it through v-ification either, it was designed to work cross platform, but i believe there were makefile modifications since, that didn't include it. i don't actively run openbsd, so can't integration test the result

17-01-2016 07:11:42  <phf>   i tried openbsd on it, but it wouldn't even boot. i'm pretty sure it's an issue with integrated/discrete video cards

11-01-2016 05:12:12  <phf>   ben_vulpes: i'll take at look in the next few days, but one quick comment, fwiw i built it on a 32-bit openbsd.

03-09-2015 05:55:04  <phf>   BingoBoingo: does it run openbsd fine?

01-09-2015 19:13:12  <phf>   mike_c: there's a recent openbsd presentation that argues against claiming. their point is that the problem of duplicate effort is a lot rarer then lock grabs. and i must add duplicate effort always results in increased understanding if both solutions are analyzed

30-07-2015 00:02:16  <phf>   trinque: probably same reason openbsd is not the blessed b-a target platform

24-07-2015 03:27:12  <phf>   asciilifeform: fwiw i've not tried pcengines yet, but i might get it for an additional openbsd machine on your recommendation. compared to soekris though a lot of boards that i tried have dodgy reliability. i.e. random crashes. like BingoBoingo said though, this might just be a reputation impression

24-07-2015 03:19:18  <phf>   re atom, it is 32bit only. i tried running stator on atom board with openbsd, it overheats, deferring until i figure out a cooling solution

08-07-2015 00:33:24  <phf>   BingoBoingo: have you tried making static build on openbsd? i seem to recall you were running a bunch of openbsd boxes

04-07-2015 16:19:13  <phf>   apparently gcc doesn't always include all the necessary pthread bits (not just openbsd but other unixes), which results in segfault on launch

04-07-2015 16:17:27  <phf>   OpenBSD 5.6 GENERIC#274 i386; -rwxr-xr-x 1 root wheel 5.0M Jul 4 02:34 bitcoind; bitcoind: ELF 32-bit LSB executable, Intel 80386, version 1, for OpenBSD, statically linked, stripped

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