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07-03-2016 17:26:14  <trinque>   I don't get these shots at mod6; he wrote up a fine guide to building a gentoo...

06-09-2015 22:36:01  <assbot>   Logged on 06-09-2015 18:46:34; trinque: she also made it through mod6's gentoo guide

06-09-2015 18:46:34  <trinque>   she also made it through mod6's gentoo guide

17-08-2015 20:34:17  <trinque>   I apologize for interrupting, but just for posterity: the gentoo guide and my script were not so people could like, you know, be cool without having to learn anything. my script for example *IS MEANT TO BE READ AND EDITED*

14-08-2015 02:09:21  <trinque>   btw, my ex-gf had no trouble with the gentoo guide aside from asking me about the definitions of a few terms

08-08-2015 14:40:26  <mod6>   So now that we have 'rotor', most likly we won't need to have the gentoo guide. We'll see how it goes but in the future we'll probably just point people at the gentoo handbook if they want to run Gentoo.

08-08-2015 03:21:11  <cazalla>   http://log.bitcoin-assets.com/?date=07-08-2015#1228865 http://log.bitcoin-assets.com/?date=07-08-2015#1228867 <<< mod6's guide was pretty straight forward when i used it to install gentoo, fell short on foundation's bitcoin though :\

07-08-2015 05:04:36  <trinque>   he had asked for the gentoo guide.

31-07-2015 21:57:04  <ben_vulpes>   !s gentoo guide

31-07-2015 21:57:04  <assbot>   29 results for 'gentoo guide' : http://s.b-a.link/?q=gentoo+guide

31-07-2015 21:56:11  <gernika>   Can someone point me to the guide for installing gentoo properly for foundation purposes? Following the default guide and it's got steps for setting up systemd, which clearly I don't want.

24-07-2015 19:30:15  <cazalla>   yes i know but i would not be using the gentoo install guide unless i was moving on to the next guide, but i will have another go at some point

24-07-2015 19:27:20  <cazalla>   mod6, fwiw i used your gentoo install guide earlier in the week with no problems (couldn't get bitcoin up and running though, got stuck at auth.sh though with some error about REALPATH)

24-07-2015 19:25:51  <mod6>   ah nice, we wanted to ensure our gentoo amd64 nomulitlib guide worked well for at least 1 third party before we put it out there to the list.

24-07-2015 19:23:42  <mod6>   if anyone else wants to test the gentoo guide, gimme a holler. would like to get it verified before the end of the month.

24-07-2015 19:22:11  <mod6>   well, no worries. gentoo is a pain but the guide makes it pretty easy - hopefully.

24-07-2015 19:09:07  <mod6>   wanna help test gentoo guide this weekend instead?

22-07-2015 19:07:45  <mod6>   trinque: what do you mean that gentoo wouldn't build? like OS itself from our guide? or you couldnt build stator on there?

20-07-2015 15:16:33  <mod6>   if you're looking for something to keep you busy for an evening, you can test out the gentoo x86-64 nomultilib guide

19-07-2015 18:24:50  <mod6>   oh and there is a new Gentoo guide for nomultilib/glibc -- I created it yesterday & trinque verified as well:

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