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15-09-2016 17:25:52  <asciilifeform>   adlai: none of the actual participants in the gossip discussion would do anything but to barf at this rubbish.

21-08-2016 11:58:47  <punkman>   "the electrically computerized dossier bank-- that one big gossip column that is unforgiving, unforgetful and from which there is no redemption, no erasure of early "mistakes.""

29-06-2016 19:04:41  <kakobrekla>   fucking gossip.

29-05-2016 12:01:43  <*>   fluffypony hasn't caught up with the latest gossip

29-03-2016 02:29:39  <phf>   i.e. you keep your wot keys in ~/.wot, gossipd loads keys from there to talk, v loads keys from there to press. gossipd manages a list of rating/comments for those keys. all exchanges for, say, ephemeral gossip keys are verified using keys in ~/.wot

29-03-2016 02:25:06  <asciilifeform>   my current understanding is that #trilema is, among other things, a practice run for mp running own gossip terminal

29-03-2016 01:12:38  <phf>   and the same thing that happened here will happen in gossip. conversation fragmentation through selective "ignore" i.e. parts of conversation are seen parts are not, followed by a complete break of network into two

29-03-2016 01:09:37  <phf>   asciilifeform: i understand gossip mechanism, i mostly built one. i observed a thing that happened here that will have a direct, equally disruptive beahvior on a gossip net

29-03-2016 01:07:33  <phf>   which is technically current situation. i guess my point is that gossip was designed with assumption of strong core, weak periphery

29-03-2016 01:06:39  <phf>   mp-gossip-net, kako-gossip-net

28-03-2016 16:52:07  <asciilifeform>   i much enjoy kakobrekla and hope that he joins me on my gossip relay when the latter is opened to the net.

21-03-2016 23:52:22  <asciilifeform>   which is why the gossip model of wot is the correct one, where there is no attempt at global/'canonical' state, but only a series of questions, which folks may choose to answer - or not - depending on who asks.

06-03-2016 18:52:22  <mod6>   I like the idea of possibly incorporating gossip into the mix.

06-03-2016 14:35:04  <mircea_popescu>   and there is a very good vp on the table. gossip + proper hashes and ciphers + correct pow + proper relay/mine design + + +

06-03-2016 14:27:22  <asciilifeform>   gossip.

02-03-2016 03:24:54  <mod6>   asciilifeform: also, cool work you started with gossip in asm on a eth card.

01-03-2016 19:26:27  <asciilifeform>   mircea_popescu: dulap is not only platform for phuctor, but will host 'g', gossip, etc., and is presently the largest and most reliable trb battleship. and i will pay for it personally, because wtf.

24-02-2016 21:13:41  <phf>   oh the outside packets are traveling over gossip too, by means of gossip relays

24-02-2016 21:11:46  <phf>   will b-a node, once gossip enabled make connections that are not routed over gossip?

24-02-2016 21:08:53  <phf>   well a gossip connection is already a secret handshake, even if it's not wot rated, a concept of trust can be applied to it, even if negatively. it's a backchannel for b-a node communication

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