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14-11-2017 10:15:34  <mdg>   we're also kinda looking to set up bitcoin and related hangout spots for people around london

23-09-2016 17:49:26  <funkenstein_>   i never even looked down the manning rabbit hole. patsy takes fall for limited hangout? or guy called lamo really a snitch?

11-02-2016 16:10:14  <asciilifeform>   (lulziest hangout to date)

19-10-2015 18:15:38  <mircea_popescu>   is this entire "apt" thing the hangout repackaging of raiu's earlier psychosis ?

09-10-2015 07:04:20  <mircea_popescu>   you think hangout ?

22-09-2015 15:54:22  <mircea_popescu>   the "future of bitcoin" will be bitcoin, and it will be pointedly NOT "as anonymous and private" as a made-for-usg fake anon/privacy hangout. at the very least for as long as i'm around.

19-08-2015 17:15:12  <mircea_popescu>   yeah, who is that twerp again ? seems a rehash o\f the entire "twobitidiot" hangout.

18-08-2015 18:37:26  <btcdrak>   I'm on a google hangout with them right now, just checking.

16-08-2015 03:26:08  <asciilifeform>   idk about mircea_popescu but i'm reading it, as the other snowdeniana, as hangout

29-07-2015 04:08:26  <assbot>   Logged on 28-02-2015 04:57:56; asciilifeform: essentially, something so utterly catastrophic to usg that it could not possibly be a hangout

29-07-2015 03:56:29  <asciilifeform>   for this, we visit earlier threads re: hangout

29-07-2015 03:49:31  <assbot>   48 results for 'hangout' : http://s.b-a.link/?q=hangout

29-07-2015 03:49:30  <asciilifeform>   !s hangout

09-07-2015 18:59:52  <asciilifeform>   best hangout is to expose a genuine secret. just one that still 'works' fine after exposed.

09-07-2015 18:59:33  <asciilifeform>   mircea_popescu: 'hangout' != fiction

28-02-2015 04:58:11  <asciilifeform>   or even a hangout-gone-botched

28-02-2015 04:57:56  <asciilifeform>   essentially, something so utterly catastrophic to usg that it could not possibly be a hangout

28-02-2015 02:23:33  <assbot>   42 results for 'hangout' : http://s.b-a.link/?q=hangout

28-02-2015 02:23:32  <asciilifeform>   !s hangout

25-02-2015 20:42:58  <danielpbarron>   I joined his google hangout one time; the guy was so flabbergasted with my position that he kept repeating explitives relating to how unbelievable it was

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