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10-02-2016 02:41:11  <asciilifeform>   '“In the future, intelligence services might use the [internet of things] for identification, surveillance, monitoring, location tracking, and targeting for recruitment, or to gain access to networks or user credentials,” Clapper said.'

17-10-2015 16:08:24  <assbot>   Loper OS » “The Internet of the Future” ... ( http://bit.ly/1fKTNnm )

07-10-2015 22:29:53  <pete_dushenski>   but i thought the internet was the classroom of the people of the future of the lala ?

23-09-2015 06:05:38  <mircea_popescu>   "Ultimately, as Bitcoin takes over the internet, all non-Bitcoin projects (of any kind) will be treated with the ridicule afforded a US resident who tries to pay for his milk with Japanese yen. Eventually, interest in using a non-Bitcoin will fall to zero. Altcoins, even somehow-useful ones, don?t have a future." << and the proper link for this is, of course, http://trilema.com/2014/the-woes-of-altcoin-or-why-there-i

01-08-2015 22:40:40  <mircea_popescu>   "Over the last two years I have become deeply and increasingly pessimistic about the future of liberty and freedom of speech, particularly in regard to the Internet. This is a complete reversal of the almost unbounded optimism I felt during the 1994?1999 period when public access to the Internet burgeoned and innovative new forms of communication appeared in rapid succession. In that epoch I was firmly convinced that

30-07-2015 12:58:48  <assbot>   Loper OS » “The Internet of the Future” ... ( http://bit.ly/1fKTNnm )

25-02-2015 19:00:36  <ascii_field>   but it'll be the 'internet of the future' rather than what we're using now.

25-02-2015 18:56:37  <assbot>   8 results for 'internet of the future' : http://s.b-a.link/?q=internet+of+the+future

25-02-2015 18:56:36  <ascii_field>   !s internet of the future

12-02-2015 16:11:07  <assbot>   Loper OS » “The Internet of the Future” ... ( http://bit.ly/1CZsTSk )

27-01-2015 04:19:51  <assbot>   Loper OS » “The Internet of the Future” ... ( http://bit.ly/15FnWzm )

02-05-2014 21:00:38  <ozbot>   Loper OS » “The Internet of the Future”

01-05-2014 17:12:44  <benkay>   "Though Bitcoin’s value is predominantly speculative at this point, a future in which Bitcoin obtains a high and stable value would allow the creation of new financial contracts and mechanisms; these new arrangements would leave regulations and regulated industries in the dust, left to fight over the tawdry remains of those yet unable to migrate to the internet of money or those unwilling (but soon dead)."

11-04-2014 01:58:22  <gribble>   Bitcoin's future: Hidden flipside | The Economist: http://www.economist.com/news/finance-and-economics/21599054-how-crypto-currency-could-become-internet-money-hidden-flipside; Felix Salmon – The Bitcoin Bubble and the Future of Currency ...: http://news.rapgenius.com/Felix-salmon-the-bitcoin-bubble-and-the-future-of-currency-annotated; Bitcoin: The Currency Of The (1 more message)

08-04-2014 15:22:43  <benkay>   hanky basis for investment thesis is that in the way rivers were important to US city site locations once upon a time internet and power will be bastions of order in mad-max future.

05-02-2014 03:46:33  <asciilifeform>   I am a co-author of the research quoted in the article. I realize it is likely pointless to write this comment in an Internet forum, but let me attempt to clarify the situation, in the hope that some thoughtful participants will find it useful. Please note: I will not be monitoring this forum in the future. If you are a researcher, please feel free to contact me.

08-01-2014 06:01:41  <mircea_popescu>   basically the internet is a glimpse into the future of india. girls are about as common as good pickles.