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22-10-2018 09:48:11  <assbot>   '(Robert Smith) sur Twitter : "Is anyone interested in being paid to develop new features for SBCL / port it to a new platform? #lisp" ... ( http://bit.ly/2NW7aCz )

02-05-2018 07:40:17  <adlai>   he said, roughly: "I'd rather sell crack/arms/precursors than milk moocows... But adali? BB? The old ex-mit-ai-lab guy I met who now just tutors kids in math & DOESNT EVEN TEACH THEM LISP?! Or the other ex-symbolics people? Fuck em."

03-01-2018 16:13:10  <kakobrekla>   asciilifeform, your favourite lisp machine ends up as last there iirc?

17-12-2017 06:36:30  <*>   adlai can't find original invite in logs but it was something like, "kako: psst, kid, wanna trade some lisp?"

13-10-2017 16:50:10  <assbot>   GitHub - vygr/ChrysaLisp: Parallel OS, with GUI, Terminal, OO Assembler, Class libraries, C-Script compiler, Lisp interpreter and more... ... ( http://bit.ly/2zkOCWd )

18-02-2017 15:48:24  <punkman>   https://github.com/billstclair/truledger here's a lisp one

10-12-2016 19:08:43  <kakobrekla>   meh, i bet you were also writing lisp on the walls your poop

12-08-2016 13:53:16  <punkman>   Virtual Desktop sucks, yes. But I'd love a floating terminal that lets me shit out floating lisp molecules

12-08-2016 13:35:05  <assbot>   GitHub - nixz/cl-vr: Ubiquitous VR in common lisp ... ( http://bit.ly/2b3tMQR )

12-08-2016 13:32:05  <punkman>   a vr environment that was lisp all the way down would be pretty cool

18-05-2016 18:22:55  <asciilifeform>   what is he to do - proclaim that x86 will be dumped, microshit sent packing, lisp machine built ??

29-03-2016 02:50:36  <phf>   in this case the point of common lisp port is to think through the whole thing

29-03-2016 02:42:56  <phf>   asciilifeform: it's easier to localize patterns of dysfunction in a lisp program, like for example separating glue from logic. of course since it's repl driven you get predictable stack trees and data that you can actually handle and inspect, which gives you a "all in one thread" or "parallel hotspots" options

29-03-2016 02:36:43  <phf>   pff, like you told me when i was hacking gossipd in lisp with intent of translating to c, "translation is 90% of effort", same applies to "in head"

29-03-2016 02:35:19  <phf>   there's not enough talent or direction here to produce an ada bitcoin, imho. even common lisp rewrite is a ~~1 year till beta of full time work

28-03-2016 18:40:56  <phf>   i have for example 2k loc of lisp code for reading, annotating, grouping, etc. log entries which is part of the whole "illuminated logs" initiative. it uses kakobrekla's dumps as authoritative source and does magicks on the result, like cross referencing (you get pretty little arrows next to entries that are referenced later in the log allowing you to jump to threads). in the final stages of cleanup. it'a a nifty little gun, that i've no id

27-03-2016 10:38:09  <asciilifeform>   sorta what common lisp looked like circa 2000 or so.

16-03-2016 16:15:30  <asciilifeform>   brick lisp !

14-03-2016 14:05:22  <asciilifeform>   (even worked lisp into it. but this was a dead end thing and i guarantee that it is not interesting to anybody today)

12-03-2016 07:20:53  <assbot>   Gmane -- Call for support for lisp in the WebAssembly development. ... ( http://bit.ly/1pCPgsu )

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