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09-03-2020 12:58:22  <kakobrekla>   zomg fluffypony you are backlogged with 5 years of logs or somesuch

02-05-2018 07:38:41  <adlai>   now i wonder, if i trash talk $(search logs :from "gabriel_ladde1") in these logs, for being a... something worthy of trash talk, will he respond in the parallel noisehole with another blanket "fuck'em" or does he only cough when spit upon directly?

01-04-2018 08:06:53  <adlai>   forgive my compulsive streamcrossing, but recent treellama logs are quite the likbez regarding why mandatory military service is not such a bad form of, uh... social engineering?

05-02-2018 22:06:27  <funkenstein_>   those logs...

24-01-2018 09:36:05  <adlai>   pastefail, please edit the logs (as you do re 'trelima' ) to include http://adlai.uncommon-lisp.org:7421/posts/Uber-die-Grundlagen-Kegelsubungens.html

20-01-2018 07:13:02  <adlai>   but i swear on god's good logs, the irc yeshiva, and all that is holey, that bush did 9/11

17-12-2017 06:36:30  <*>   adlai can't find original invite in logs but it was something like, "kako: psst, kid, wanna trade some lisp?"

14-11-2017 10:49:41  <davout>   haven't been reading logs or antyhing, curious about how the buttcash/sw2x thing has been perceived here

27-10-2017 13:46:41  <pankkake>   https://www.coindesk.com/peter-thiel-bitcoin-like-reserve-form-money/ <= maybe he reads the logs

27-10-2017 13:39:34  <funkenstein_>   "they must have been reading our chat logs", said no sane person ever.

20-10-2017 07:43:57  <funkenstein_>   https://thehackernews.com/2017/10/no-logs-vpn-service-security_8.html

20-10-2017 07:43:57  <assbot>   FBI Arrests A Cyberstalker After Shady "No-Logs" VPN Provider Shared User Logs ... ( http://bit.ly/2zBOLF0 )

26-07-2017 00:27:34  <asciilifeform>   gonna snip this convo from logs too?

01-06-2017 14:53:56  <Framedragger>   punkman: hahah, going through logs

01-06-2017 14:52:32  <punkman>   Framedragger: yep, look in logs for the honorable Anton Osika

18-05-2017 03:04:54  <funkenstein_>   re: yesterdays logs, it seems the dialog here is mostly a bunch of dudes scratching their heads wondering if it's possible to recover a modicum of self-respect despite the fact they were once tardlema readers

17-05-2017 17:01:48  <asciilifeform>   almost as if we didn't have logs, where kakobrekla fellated the gavins

24-04-2017 21:45:48  <adlai>   Framedragger: re: recent #t logs - what you seem to have had trouble getting across is the difference between actually making a discovery, and saying, "someday somedude will figure out that luminiferous aether is a load of claptrap"

14-04-2017 07:41:49  <*>   adlai wonders if g_l_p still reads b-a logs, but if he does, he should reconsider who he

14-03-2017 05:11:33  <kakobrekla>   http://log.bitcoin-assets.com/?date=13-03-2017#1468150 < ah yeah, that affects 1 day worth of logs in the search (which runs on mthreat machine)

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