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05-08-2017 15:10:34  <pankkake>   if only there was a fix for transaction malleability :^)

05-08-2017 15:09:33  <assbot>   ViaBTC sur Twitter : "BCC network was under transaction malleability attack which changes txid. We've temporarily suspended withdrawal and your assets are safe." ... ( http://bit.ly/2uuxtWC )

06-08-2016 15:24:09  <funkenstein_>   signature malleability

23-05-2016 20:23:25  <asciilifeform>   kakobrekla: fine - great job unsubmitting ? now do something interesting and constructive ? wanna help me prove non-malleability of cramer-shoup ?

14-03-2016 15:20:34  <thestringpuller>   asciilifeform: that happened, and we found it was tx malleability, not a cartel...

04-03-2016 22:08:01  <asciilifeform>   it solves malleability- but not doubles

09-01-2016 16:00:57  <BingoBoingo>   <mircea_popescu> yeah, until karpeles lied about an imaginary cause of stealing people's bitcoin, the other dudes working on wrecking bitcoin didn't have a good excuse. hurr durr. << Blockstream people nao complain too, because their off chain doo dad apparently won't work if any malleability on their transactions is possibru

05-01-2016 06:08:06  <massiro>   I have heard only low-S value is permitted since around October 2015, due to the severe tx-malleability attack by amaclin (at bitcointalk). Core devs quickly responded because it is very annoying (original TxIDs will be changed and one might lose the record of incoming payments).

01-01-2016 00:18:03  <*>   adlai pushes to the blog-stack: "Version String Malleability Considered Harmful"

25-12-2015 23:39:00  <asciilifeform>   because if you want to avoid 'malleability', now you have to actually use a tool that shows you the bytes.

10-12-2015 18:51:24  <ascii_field>   mircea_popescu: [malleability] 'This is a major problem, principally driven by the deliberately broken state of the FOSS' << btw it affects pgp (via the braindamaged pkcs1.5) to same extent

20-11-2015 12:46:41  <mircea_popescu>   <punkman> the latest pill against malleability << no, the latest in "gotta serve the customer" because "customer has come to expect" that "he just wants to".

20-11-2015 09:20:05  <punkman>   the latest pill against malleability

01-11-2015 08:46:35  <assbot>   66 results for 'malleability' : http://s.b-a.link/?q=malleability

01-11-2015 08:46:34  <adlai>   !s malleability

29-10-2015 13:53:11  <assbot>   Logged on 29-10-2015 09:27:34; mircea_popescu: what are you trying to fix, the atrocious gpg malleability issues ?

29-10-2015 09:27:34  <mircea_popescu>   what are you trying to fix, the atrocious gpg malleability issues ?

16-10-2015 00:50:03  <asciilifeform>   'malleability' vector - any idiot can, presently, flip it, and both variants compute as valid sig.

15-10-2015 22:14:56  <mircea_popescu>   more importantly : the entire malleability / bip 62 / sipa chjanges (such as linked) are 2013 material.

15-10-2015 22:06:27  <ascii_field>   nobody asked me, but letting the enemy spray his relevance-piss-pheromone on the thing is far more of a nuisance than the existing malleability.

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