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07-06-2016 17:04:55  <funkenstein_>   moldbug lives https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rkZ3GkeU9kg

05-02-2016 13:14:58  <asciilifeform>   this hammer hit me in the face the first time around (as a young man, when i had notions of actually making a living in that field, and recoiled in disgust, having encountered something quite similar to what is described in tarver's and moldbug's essays)

05-02-2016 13:10:45  <asciilifeform>   or moldbug's mega-classic, http://log.bitcoin-assets.com/?date=20-09-2015#1279929

09-08-2015 23:12:37  <asciilifeform>   sorta like if somebody took moldbug's suggestion of digging up and reinstating the stewart monarchy somehow

18-07-2015 03:52:20  <decimation>   TheNewDeal: I have no problem with catholics, but what's not obvious from what I pasted is that moldbug is making a point about being submerged in a particular point of view from birth

18-07-2015 03:44:36  <decimation>   TheNewDeal: it's mencius moldbug: http://unqualified-reservations.blogspot.com/2007/04/case-against-democracy-ten-red-pills.html

09-07-2015 22:00:06  <trinque>   heh so far ate moldbug and uncle al's sites

20-06-2015 23:42:30  <asciilifeform>   ^ speaking of which, brings back to the point of whether mr mold is a disinfo agent. not that i can say definitively, but imho the best argument that he is not, is the difficulty of formulating a picture of a hypothetical 'moldbug minus the restraint' who does ~not~ advocate inaction

20-06-2015 23:12:51  <decimation>   asciilifeform: I kinda arrived at this thesis from a theological perspective earlier, which is also why moldbug appealed

20-06-2015 23:08:29  <asciilifeform>   moldbug, i will point out, speaks not one language save his native engl. that he was able to reconstruct even a semblance of coherent picture of anything while sitting in the anglo junkyard, is remarkable by itself

20-06-2015 22:41:38  <decimation>   http://unqualified-reservations.blogspot.com/2008/04/open-letter-to-open-minded-progressives.html < moldbug mentions here

20-06-2015 22:40:52  <decimation>   mircea_popescu: I think that was after moldbug's article

20-06-2015 22:35:47  <decimation>   cazalla: it's like someone read moldbug but was unable to comprehend the parts about how this kind of action is hopeless

16-06-2015 14:34:21  <decimation>   the best I can tell usian muggles exhibit 'learned helplessness' that moldbug writes about

15-06-2015 03:57:26  <decimation>   sure, but that's a distinction between 'a state' and 'the modern structure' (as moldbug would put it)

07-06-2015 20:16:34  <decimation>   lol story on what happened with moldbug's "uninvitation" was censored on hacker news http://hnrankings.info/9674992/

04-06-2015 18:52:37  <danielpbarron>   >> Glad to see Moldbug now gone from the @strangeloop_stl speaker list. I'm sure he wouldn't have been there at all if they'd known about him.

04-06-2015 18:51:16  <danielpbarron>   that "moldbug" guy got kicked out of some tech conference

03-06-2015 05:18:09  <decimation>   of course, as moldbug said, actual nazis would ahve been horrified by these guys

06-05-2015 17:49:10  <mircea_popescu>   (as the above explanation, consider moldbug's very valid discussion of the guy with the ring that could kill. he who is secure in his authority makes excellent leadership. he who is not - horribru)

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