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05-02-2015 17:46:27  <mircea_popescu>   !s neoreaction

05-02-2015 17:46:27  <assbot>   9 results for 'neoreaction' : http://s.b-a.link/?q=neoreaction

05-02-2015 17:20:06  <mircea_popescu>   so i'm not too inclined to see any of these lables as anything more than "ignorant kids from the us web". be it "nrx" or "neoreaction" or etc.

05-02-2015 17:15:33  <the_scourge>   NRx is just shorthand for neoreaction

27-01-2015 22:47:08  <asciilifeform>   mircea_popescu: used to also be called 'alt right' or 'neoreaction'

18-01-2015 07:52:38  <pete_dushenski>   "neoreaction is a specific discovery of the arrow of time, within the field of political philosophy. It learns, and then teaches, that the way to get out cannot be the way we got in."

04-11-2014 21:34:34  <johntraveller>   “this entire thing” = neoreaction?

20-09-2014 15:29:38  <moriarty>   xmj, neoreaction from first glance off the internet appears to be one of those anachronistic romanticism :)

20-09-2014 15:27:24  <xmj>   moriarty: just beware, neoreaction is still considered "evil"

30-07-2014 02:33:55  <mircea_popescu>   http://theumlaut.com/2014/07/29/a-gentle-introduction-to-neoreaction-for-libertarians/ << so check it out, teh princess manges to go through an entire mile long post about right wing anarchy throwing out ~1k links, never mentions trilema.

30-07-2014 02:33:55  <assbot>   A Gentle Introduction to Neoreaction (for Libertarians) | The mlaut

29-07-2014 10:07:23  <penguirker>   New blog post: http://theumlaut.com/2014/07/29/a-gentle-introduction-to-neoreaction-for-libertarians/

23-06-2014 00:37:45  <mircea_popescu>   - They also have all their own secret handshakes, and their own terminology [like the Cathedral ("political correctness"), thedening ("re-establishing ethnic group identity"), genophilia ("love of one's own race"), NRx ("neoreaction"), etc.].