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03-03-2016 17:15:11  <assbot>   3 results for 'officially sad' : http://s.b-a.link/?q=officially+sad

03-03-2016 17:15:10  <asciilifeform>   !s officially sad

12-04-2015 02:26:15  <asciilifeform>   virtually 100% envirowhinerism, 'solutions' for the turd world, or 'accomplishments' of the Officially Sad

11-04-2015 03:58:56  <asciilifeform>   when i worked, many years ago, at 'nih' in bethesda, maryland - they experimented with reintroducing elevator-drivers. as i understood, it was merely an employment program for the Officially Sad

22-10-2014 22:22:35  <asciilifeform>   mircea_popescu: it wasn't an intellectual breakthrough of any kind whatsoever - but is apparently 'canonical' among the community of the Officially Sad.