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21-10-2015 22:04:48  <ascii_field>   http://wush.net/~opengenera << obligatory w4r3z

26-07-2015 19:02:01  <wywialm>   perhaps I misunderstood you, but I read that you plan to design a sane os and (in other blog posts) pointed to opengenera as an example of such system

26-07-2015 19:00:42  <asciilifeform>   i don't have a project inspired by opengenera

26-07-2015 19:00:31  <wywialm>   I one got fascinated by asciilifeform's project inspired by OpenGenera - is it still active?

29-06-2015 01:41:04  <asciilifeform>   trinque: btw, it is my understanding that most of the opengenera enthusiasts are using the 'snap4' unofficial warez x86-64 port now

07-02-2015 01:50:54  <asciilifeform>   there is no public source for opengenera (either for dec alpha or amd64)

07-02-2015 01:49:14  <assbot>   ynniv/opengenera ยท GitHub ... ( http://bit.ly/1KzmA77 )

07-02-2015 01:49:12  <*>   the_scourge did find this: https://github.com/ynniv/opengenera while he was gone. seems worth of bookmarking for later

07-02-2015 01:49:09  <asciilifeform>   technically symbolics had no name for their os until opengenera was put on the market.

07-02-2015 01:48:08  <asciilifeform>   the_scourge: the 'open' in 'opengenera' is an archaic 1980s usg-ism. it simply refers to the fact that a product features industry-standard protocols like tcp/ip and does not require you to buy the entire universe you live in from one particular vendor.

07-02-2015 01:45:15  <*>   the_scourge goes to find out what is opengenera and where has it been hiding

07-02-2015 01:44:41  <asciilifeform>   !s opengenera

07-02-2015 01:44:41  <assbot>   7 results for 'opengenera' : http://s.b-a.link/?q=opengenera

29-09-2014 04:09:36  <asciilifeform>   decimation: opengenera vm << goes great with a set of these: http://imgur.com/nR6mErg

29-09-2014 04:01:26  <decimation>   yeah good point. I'm gonna work on getting my 'opengenera' vm working again

01-03-2014 03:57:52  <BingoBoingo>   ;;google opengenera HP alpha

01-03-2014 03:56:58  <gribble>   CLiki: VLM_on_Linux: http://www.cliki.net/VLM_on_Linux; public ynniv / opengenera Octocat-spinner-32 - GitHub: https://github.com/ynniv/opengenera/blob/master/notes/org.advogato.org-johnw.txt; public ynniv / opengenera Octocat-spinner-32 - GitHub: https://github.com/ynniv/opengenera/blob/master/notes/patrick-collison.txt

25-12-2013 12:26:53  <BingoBoingo>   kakobrekla: I do want to than asciilifeform for his links to OpenGenera and lispmachine videos. I opened the link in the LISP browser and saw spam.

13-12-2013 12:03:55  <BingoBoingo>   Sometime you find somthing like OpenGenera that only works on DEC Alpha processors running HP TruUx under it

06-12-2013 02:50:05  <asciilifeform>   BingoBoingo: i suspect it's all for people who want to run OpenGenera.