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05-01-2016 00:37:32  <asciilifeform>   ^ pgpdump -i

02-01-2016 05:50:21  <ascii_rear>   as in, with awareness of what all of the pgpdump fields are, yes

01-09-2015 21:12:34  <ascii_field>   but this requires not only rewrite but the remaking of pgpdump lib !

26-07-2015 03:37:26  <asciilifeform>   pgpdump: zlib inflate error (-3).

26-07-2015 03:37:25  <asciilifeform>   $ pgpdump -i ak47_05243673e45fc4c4ce30467f8ffc003deec1d184.sh.sig

06-07-2015 01:20:25  <assbot>   Logged on 05-07-2015 13:08:28; mats: pgpdump really needs a rewrite...

05-07-2015 13:08:28  <mats>   pgpdump really needs a rewrite...

26-06-2015 22:33:32  <jurov>   mats, since the python one is written to be "inspired by C pgpdump", it's very likely it does not, too

26-06-2015 22:32:15  <mats>   jurov: and this behavior is the same across c pgpdump and python port?

26-06-2015 22:23:31  <jurov>   mats, ascii_field pursuant to http://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc4880#section-5.2.2 ,the pgpdump lib stops parsing right on the "Two-octet field holding left 16 bits of signed hash value" and does not go further to decode the signature

26-06-2015 22:04:10  <mats>   i am using pgpdump for a project and this is relevant

26-06-2015 22:03:20  <mats>   jurov: are you saying a pgpdump fn you are calling is misbehaving?

26-06-2015 22:01:06  <jurov>   anyway, looks pgpdump monkeys never bothered to pull actual hash out :/

26-06-2015 21:47:33  <jurov>   and dev-python/pgpdump has docs dunno where

26-06-2015 21:47:30  <ascii_field>   wrong pgpdump

26-06-2015 21:47:09  <jurov>   app-crypt/pgpdump indeed does not show the hash (and it's not python but binary)

26-06-2015 21:41:54  <mod6>   ascii_field: hey, i'm having a tough time getting the hash itself out of a sig file of mine with that python version of pgpdump. which flag should i be using; i've tried 'em all

26-06-2015 21:33:09  <assbot>   pgpdump 1.5 : Python Package Index ... ( http://bit.ly/1GyvUq9 )

26-06-2015 21:33:08  <ascii_field>   https://pypi.python.org/pypi/pgpdump

26-06-2015 21:32:50  <ascii_field>   just a copy of 'pgpdump'

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