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17-05-2016 21:12:11  <asciilifeform>   see 'pollard rho' algorithm as to why.

20-05-2015 22:30:48  <Apocalyptic>   mircea_popescu, rho pollard plus countless iterations of ECM for reasonable bounds assuming there is a 20-30 prime digit factor in the modulus reminder

20-05-2015 21:49:05  <ascii_field>   Apocalyptic: as a general rule, an rsa modulus generated without regard to rules (primality testing, pollard-rho, the lot) is cheap to factor.

20-05-2015 21:00:35  <ascii_field>   and go apply pollard rho, and lenstra, you will have the private. you don't even need us for this

20-05-2015 20:28:57  <ascii_field>   i.e., likely to be pollard-rho-able and/or lenstra-able.

20-05-2015 13:08:12  <asciilifeform>   (such as 10x speedup, new tests - e.g., pollard-rho; etc)

18-05-2015 18:56:24  <ascii_field>   specifically pollard-rho.

18-05-2015 18:55:44  <ascii_field>   Apocalyptic: try pollard-rho

17-05-2015 17:56:31  <asciilifeform>   gonna guess it's a creative bug where pollard-rho -must- fail to pass

17-01-2015 00:01:08  <asciilifeform>   !s pollard rho

17-01-2015 00:01:08  <assbot>   1 results for 'pollard rho' : http://s.b-a.link/?q=pollard+rho

12-10-2014 23:53:16  <asciilifeform>   mircea_popescu: in cryptography, every constant's a salt. you're well advised to change ALL constants << and turn wrong knob, die by pollard rho or similar.