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22-01-2016 00:37:49  <pete_dushenski>   asciilifeform: point taken. will add 'portatronic'.

05-08-2015 21:03:30  <assbot>   [BTC-dev] Modified Portatronic build script for building statically linked 32bit bitcoind: auto.sh (v0.0.5-32) ... ( http://bit.ly/1KRsTVK )

06-07-2015 17:39:57  <ascii_field>   this is in 'portatronic'

29-06-2015 20:17:44  <ascii_field>   davout: 'stator for pogo' is just the old 'portatronic'

26-06-2015 21:25:02  <jurov>   well, where is the context what is "portatronic" ought to be?

05-05-2015 17:21:26  <ascii_field>   unrelated: therealbitcoin is still unbuildable for cross-arm using anything but old makefile + my (unmerged) portatronic patch

24-04-2015 18:32:07  <assbot>   Successfully updated the rating for asciilifeform from 2 to 3 with note: Met IRL, S.NSA, outstanding work for The Bitcoin Foundation, created portatronic project and runs loper-os.org

24-04-2015 18:17:54  <mod6>   !rate asciilifeform 3 Met IRL, S.NSA, outstanding work for The Bitcoin Foundation, created portatronic project and runs loper-os.org

09-04-2015 04:09:06  <nubbins`>   anyway i'm gonna have a jazz smoke and head to bed. if someone gets portatronic pogotronic static-o-matic bitcoind recipe posted to ML by month's end, i'll send you a free hand-bound book

03-04-2015 16:06:36  <asciilifeform>   nubbins`: uses same boost as my original portatronic

01-04-2015 18:11:10  <OgNasty>   ascii_field you're saying won't compile /and/ it won't compile after you merge your portatronic patch?

01-04-2015 18:09:43  <vbuterin>   nothing else from your portatronic patch is in

01-04-2015 01:33:55  <gavinandersen>   not sure if he's targeting the same, or the pogo via portatronic

25-03-2015 02:48:08  <danielpbarron>   what does the portatronic thing do differently?

25-03-2015 02:46:21  <mod6>   it seems a bit silly to post a patch also back to the original portatronic version for this. anyone have any objections if i just publish a full copy of the 32bit auto.sh and a patch of auto.sh to the previous version (v0.0.5 included in the -RELEASE) ?

25-03-2015 02:02:05  <mod6>   it's 1 change to the auto.sh file, & have to have the 3 vars at the top set correctly. I'll post a copy of this auto.sh, a diff to the 64 bit version and a diff to the original portatronic version yet tonight.

24-03-2015 22:29:40  <ascii_field>   the build recipe for the cross to armv5 was called 'portatronic'

24-03-2015 21:12:50  <danielpbarron>   it's from ascii's portatronic instructions

04-03-2015 03:47:34  <mircea_popescu>   looking in the logs, apparently alf created a new word nao, "portatronic"

03-03-2015 20:57:14  <danielpbarron>   "mod6 was able to successfully modify asciilifeform's build script of the portatronic build used in the Pogo, to statically build .. " << was this the issue? because I used the portatronic build script and the resulting binary didn't work on debian for arm -- said it needed a different version of some thing i don't recall at the moment

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