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09-01-2017 16:52:00  <funkenstein_>   pu er is pretty well known, from a provenance of same name

09-01-2017 16:44:59  <punkman>   haven't tried any chinese tea of known provenance

09-06-2016 20:14:14  <jurov>   or something can be salvaged and the both bitcoin and maintaining provenance cryptographically is viable

09-06-2016 16:37:39  <kakobrekla>   little point for 'crypto provenance' on top of shitstack.

09-06-2016 16:36:22  <asciilifeform>   argument that 'there is no point in forcing machine's contents to be small and have cryptographic provenance because you will be owned anyway' is quite similar to african 'why build latrines and shit separately from where we eat, everybody dies in the end anyway'

18-03-2016 19:34:52  <asciilifeform>   nor any way to convey doubt about meaning or provenance, other than human-readable commentary

11-03-2016 23:54:57  <asciilifeform>   '"With high demand from all corners of the globe, collectors must be certain of provenance before purchasing. I urge dealers and auction houses to take every necessary precaution to avoid facilitating the sale of cultural heritage stolen from other civilizations. If a provenance is in doubt, report it to law enforcement authorities."'

20-02-2016 23:38:38  <mircea_popescu>   discussing code provenance is like discussing bitcoin taint.

07-02-2016 16:22:08  <deedbot->   [Qntra] Foundation Co-Chair Publishes Introduction To V Provenance System - http://qntra.net/2016/02/foundation-co-chair-publishes-introduction-to-v-provenance-system/

20-01-2016 05:28:28  <BingoBoingo>   You know... It would prolly be easier to V-ify the Big Book for provenance than an English Bible translation.

19-01-2016 22:04:37  <ascii_butugychag>   seems like nobody grasped the actual point i was trying to make - where the provenance is a means to an end (clean tomato) rather than the end

19-01-2016 22:01:05  <mircea_popescu>   i'd take provenance over "known list"

19-01-2016 21:46:16  <ascii_butugychag>   and obviously we cannot dispense with provenance. but i must point out that it is a ~proxy~

19-01-2016 21:45:49  <ascii_butugychag>   it would be regardless. because provenance guarantees nothing, the soil in which perfectly traditional tomato grew could have strontium, etc.

19-01-2016 21:45:39  <pete_dushenski>   w/o provenance, there is only every.

19-01-2016 21:43:40  <pete_dushenski>   how do you intend to determine lack of poison w/o provenance exactly ?

19-01-2016 21:42:36  <ascii_butugychag>   provenance is a proxy for physical fact

19-01-2016 21:42:11  <ascii_butugychag>   this is the other thing, why should i give A FUCK about PROVENANCE

08-01-2016 17:36:01  <mircea_popescu>   yes. on the basis of the provenance documents.

17-10-2015 02:54:38  <ben_vulpes>   ye olde question of provenance

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