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11-01-2018 10:29:26  <pankkake>   I've seen the screenshots, you can't even select which holes are okay

08-05-2017 17:39:18  <punkman>   "Google enables webshits to remove the 'browsing' part of their web browser. Hackernews trades python programs about it. One Hackernews is inspired to run his browser several times with a filesystem and a network interface for each copy, but dismisses virtual machines as "too heavy." Everyone else just wants to take screenshots without the 'screen' part. "

31-03-2017 11:56:45  <assbot>   Peter Gasston sur Twitter : "The web is so shitty with ads that young people choose to share screenshots rather than links. https://t.co/cX9jaMK6Xw https://t.co/oY8T7LeKkF" ... ( http://bit.ly/2ooN34f )

23-09-2016 17:33:51  <punkman>   I think some of krebs' appeal is that he was often part of the story, the gonzo screenshots, etc

14-02-2016 15:48:54  <asciilifeform>   incidentally i cannot tell, from the screenshots, whether that thing has a structure editor, like interlisp, or merely clutters the display

25-01-2016 00:06:57  <danielpbarron>   https://imgur.com/a/meH0a << here's my screenshots, completely raw and unedited

24-01-2016 21:50:51  <mircea_popescu>   <danielpbarron> is the tweet deleted? i took screenshots of the pgpgram << it would be. pgp BURNSSSS teh usterrorists.

24-01-2016 21:32:13  <danielpbarron>   is the tweet deleted? i took screenshots of the pgpgram

19-11-2015 20:51:59  <gabriel_laddel>   phf: sort of related - I put together a new McCLIM website with fancy screenshots

19-11-2015 20:51:35  <phf>   gabriel_laddel: you should make a bunch of cool masamune screenshots :)

31-10-2015 15:31:25  <asciilifeform>   jurov: there are specially-made tools for this (see the screenshots on mircea_popescu's www in the phuctor 3-parter article re: what i used)

28-10-2015 18:10:09  <phf>   mircea_popescu: afaiu, steam now funnels all indie submissions through "steam greenlight". you list your game for $100 fee, description, screenshots, gameplay videos, demos, etc. and the commoonity votes on whether or not they would want to see it in the store. they explicitly mention that for free games any sort of in game payments must been done exclusively through "steam wallet". the technical side involves integrating their

15-09-2015 20:43:41  <mircea_popescu>   "Website Screenshots provider, Snapito, was acquired by ShrinkTheWeb"

06-09-2015 07:48:06  <deedbot->   [Trilema] Sneak Peak Screenshots and The Future Golden Goose - http://trilema.com/2015/sneak-peak-screenshots-and-the-future-golden-goose/

02-09-2015 16:40:19  <ascii_field>   'Never in my wildest dreams would I have expected PayPal to accept screenshots from the seller, as proof of anything.'

11-08-2015 13:12:48  <mircea_popescu>   all one needs to do is keep screenshots over fixed time intervals. eventually the data should be indicative.

07-08-2015 22:56:52  <assbot>   Logged on 07-08-2015 19:04:47; ascii_field: and who, if the screenshots on his www are anything to go on, is playing the video version

07-08-2015 19:04:47  <ascii_field>   and who, if the screenshots on his www are anything to go on, is playing the video version

24-07-2015 21:54:00  <cazalla>   once i've finished grabbing gwern's archive, will be interest to search it to include some screenshots in these types of articles

10-07-2015 20:42:23  <jurov>   http://minigame.bz/jurov/HackedTeam/Hacked%20Team/c.pozzi/screenshots/eflMbLTM.jpeg obligatory solitaire

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