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23-03-2016 16:18:45  <mircea_popescu>   i thought the consensus was this reactor should have fired a year ago or w/e.

23-03-2016 15:10:11  <mircea_popescu>   i think this angle is interesting and should be pursued. so asciilifeform : do you suppose that the harem is intrinsically communist, if and in that the women are equals ?

23-03-2016 13:42:37  <mircea_popescu>   and speaking of this, most everyone involved^H^H^H^H^H^H inloved with bitcoin should insistently watch and rewatch malena, because it is EXACTLY the situation.

22-03-2016 03:26:21  <mircea_popescu>   maybe it should be all based on colors for all we know.

20-03-2016 21:59:34  <mircea_popescu>   it occurs rto me - someone should get google to make googlebot author a collection of jokes.

19-03-2016 13:44:29  <mircea_popescu>   but yes, fine, fine, should be on that biographical list danielpbarron was making.

18-03-2016 17:15:14  <mircea_popescu>   seems pretty dangerous this could happen and also should not be possibru!

17-03-2016 22:14:43  <mircea_popescu>   otherwise it's two steps to "but mp, some people are stupid, what should they do!"

17-03-2016 15:14:39  <mircea_popescu>   "correct like the jews". should be a trope.

17-03-2016 14:41:04  <mircea_popescu>   http://log.bitcoin-assets.com/?date=17-03-2016#1435055 << they should at least wear those cute see through frilly socks! if they can't go all the way to http://41.media.tumblr.com/a512c6749b02295db8b4c267a379a075/tumblr_nlayqenekm1u2r4a0o1_1280.jpg

17-03-2016 00:08:19  <mircea_popescu>   the thing is, currently nodes only need disk ; cpu is wasted. ideally a node should use both, so that it makes sense to keep boxes as relay nodes.

16-03-2016 16:49:58  <mircea_popescu>   ethics (ie, the mechanism to answer "what should i do") is a very severely limited science.

16-03-2016 11:56:31  <mircea_popescu>   the entire thing was, we should take stock of the situation, and make some judgements and plan some plans in a complete and responsible manner.

16-03-2016 11:47:52  <mircea_popescu>   should have fucking killed those derps back when they were nobody and losing bitbet bets,

15-03-2016 23:02:33  <mircea_popescu>   "Yea so you are an idiot. There?s no need to comment and make these shitty articles. Who are you to determine what ?false churches? are? Religion is something an Indevidul believes in. It is what the said person puts their faith and trust in. I just think you should read up and do your research before posting nonsense. Thanks."

15-03-2016 03:38:29  <mircea_popescu>   ("but hey mp, you should have moved bitbet to this or something!" "yes yes, aren't you a great visionary, man from the future.")

15-03-2016 02:12:13  <mircea_popescu>   one should prolly look through eulora logs for some lulzy examples re the failure of the auction - the free market's revered, holy relic of a chief tool. guess what ? it... doesn't work!

14-03-2016 19:35:11  <mircea_popescu>   solrodar> they chose not to charge it to the company, therefore it didn't count << this is correct. but he's welcome to consider counterfactuals also. just - shouldn't expect me to present factuals for counterfactuals, should write his own story himself!

14-03-2016 18:36:12  <mircea_popescu>   iirc originally a chunk was sold, then sometime early last year or perhaps late 2014 the remainder of the shares were distributed to the principals. iirc i didn't sell much, mostly now and again to try and temper overexcited price action. should be something like .5 to maybe 3mn shares outstanding depending how much kako himself sold.

14-03-2016 12:40:37  <mircea_popescu>   you should hold a class in that wonder.

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