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20-02-2016 21:44:15  <mod6>   ben_vulpes: yah, and when you're testing in production, this can't be a thing.

05-08-2015 04:13:03  <assbot>   13 results for 'testing in production' : http://s.b-a.link/?q=testing+in+production

05-08-2015 04:13:02  <ben_vulpes>   !s testing in production

25-02-2015 07:49:40  <ben_vulpes>   just...testing in production.

13-02-2015 17:40:17  <ben_vulpes>   peer review, testing in production, what's the difference anyways

05-02-2015 07:42:41  <assbot>   19 results for 'testing in production' : http://s.b-a.link/?q=testing+in+production

05-02-2015 07:42:40  <ben_vulpes>   !s testing in production

08-01-2015 06:25:46  <ben_vulpes>   asciilifeform: my professional slave time's been strictly constrained to cross-domain systems engineering in high-voltage wafer testing, machine shop engineering, production line automation and retarded "web" "technologies".

11-08-2014 03:57:13  <Jason>   i'd obv have my own supybot for testing and development - i see no real reason as to run my own bot in production though

25-07-2014 19:01:52  <benkay>   debate all the things while testing in production

14-07-2014 00:52:02  <benkay>   testing in production...twice!

01-05-2014 22:32:02  <benkay>   this asseteer in-production testing session is complete and.

28-03-2014 18:54:11  <benkay>   testing in production....

02-03-2014 17:42:55  <mircea_popescu>   TESTING IN PRODUCTION SINCE @)!!

16-02-2014 01:33:40  <benkay>   testing in production since 2011

03-01-2014 21:55:16  <rbonestell>   I have 5 people testing it right now- found and resolved a few issues. Went from alpha to beta, might go production in a week or so if nothing seriously is found.