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17-07-2015 02:50:43  <TomServo>   Booted via tftp, installed from there

07-05-2015 12:59:38  <davout>   oh and also there was something else, maybe asciilifeform can help with that, probably very noobish question, but i have nfi how to setup the pogo so that i'm able to put the compiled kernel on it without needing it to use tftp to load it on each boot

06-05-2015 15:15:38  <davout>   perplexed at the u-boot step, how do i actually get to asciilifeform's "(you -did- configure the u-boot to tftp by default, aha?)" ?

06-05-2015 15:15:09  <davout>   from what i understand i need to replace u-boot on the pogo so that it'll load this new kernel over the network by using tftp

01-05-2015 19:07:37  <danielpbarron>   boot image via network using BOOTP/TFTP protocol

01-05-2015 19:06:33  <danielpbarron>   seems as though the stock pogo is configured to look for a TFTP server without any modification -> bootcmd=bootp; setenv bootargs root=/dev/nfs nfsroot=${serverip}:${rootpath} ip=${ipaddr}:${serverip}:${gatewayip}:${netmask}:${hostname}::off; bootm

01-05-2015 18:41:45  <danielpbarron>   http://log.bitcoin-assets.com/?date=29-03-2015#1078941 << how to initially get fw_printenv to tell pogo to boot kernel over TFTP in the future?

01-05-2015 17:04:51  <danielpbarron>   all you need is to install some sort of TFTP server on your workstation, and use the built in flashing tools of pogo to set some parameters to connect to your workstation when it boots

01-05-2015 16:51:02  <ascii_field>   or even enable tftp and use experimental os (e.g., mine) without reflashing at all

07-04-2015 13:18:01  <nubbins`>   altho fwiw i suspect tftp-boot just hangs if there's no kernel present on the wire

07-04-2015 13:17:35  <nubbins`>   mircea_popescu:what was nubbins` situation wit hthat btw <<< my current boot order is mmc->usb->tftp->nand

07-04-2015 02:43:31  <decimation>   asciilifeform: ah so does it only tftp on boot?

07-04-2015 02:26:14  <asciilifeform>   in which case it will certainly ask for tftp every time on boot.

07-04-2015 02:25:29  <asciilifeform>   (what it was - they left tftp on. in precisely the way we won't in 'pogotron')

29-03-2015 03:35:46  <trinque>   I just copied it over what was already in the tftp dir

27-03-2015 04:56:52  <nubbins`>   yeah, this boot via tftp is pretty dope.

27-03-2015 02:25:25  <nubbins`>   root@debian:/# tftp 0x800000 turdel_with_telnet

27-03-2015 01:45:44  <asciilifeform>   !s tftp

27-03-2015 01:45:44  <assbot>   12 results for 'tftp' : http://s.b-a.link/?q=tftp

27-03-2015 01:45:41  <asciilifeform>   nubbins`: easiest way to test is to reconfigure it to boot from tftp

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