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02-04-2018 10:54:18  <adlai>   water is very expensive, if you think it consists of statistical newtonian kinematics of femtoscopic icosahedra... i hope the greeks have progressed since then?

01-04-2018 19:44:08  <jurov>   punkman: water isn't expensive?

01-04-2018 08:25:47  <adlai>   and those who sit on their ass, or spend more time in the vicinity of water both running and heated, are also paid less.

27-03-2018 13:49:36  <pankkake>   it's water

11-02-2018 16:38:24  <funkenstein_>   I got my PADI deep water cert there and took a trip to Cocos Island, one of the most beautiful spots I've been to

07-08-2017 15:14:38  <kakobrekla>   i dont think water cooling is still game since i discovered 'be quiet' fans

07-08-2017 15:11:23  <kakobrekla>   lada had a very good ones to use with pc water cooling

26-07-2017 16:41:13  <kakobrekla>   i dont know how long they will be able to stay above water with being btc only though

06-06-2017 16:30:52  <punkman>   kakobrekla: only did full water fast one day, wasn't too bad though. eating like a banana/orange in the morning, some vegetables at night. some bits of cheese, nuts, fish to get some salt. maybe around 1/10th of the usual calories.

02-06-2017 19:49:09  <jurov>   when they move oil instead of air, it is actually simpler, and allows for use of the heat to warm water

02-06-2017 19:49:06  <asciilifeform>   asciilifeform's old water-cooled machine ( this was in early 2000s and much of the necessary gear was not commercially available yet ) was intended to be quiet

18-05-2017 06:21:01  <assbot>   Powerful Russian Orthodox cleric summoned to spritz computers with holy water to fight ransomware / Boing Boing ... ( http://bit.ly/2pZ0KX5 )

18-05-2017 03:16:20  <kakobrekla>   anyway, its possible to RO drinking water from sewage, but it mostly doesnt make sense to do it.

17-05-2017 07:52:31  <pankkake>   "Wikipedia says that fat is 0.9196 kg/L while muscle is 1.06 kg/L. As we know, water has a density of ~1 kg/L. So yes, fat people would float easier, looking just at density. I don't know what other factors may come into play."

03-05-2017 13:41:53  <punkman>   "How is moonlight cold? How do you account for water being so flat it forms a mirror? The ballers cannot refute, nor answer for these and many other things. Earth's horizon is not a function of a physical curve on a ball. Water is flat on lakes and oceans, and 3/4 of the earth is covered by the oceans, thus proving that Earth is indeed flat. Many experiments have proven earth is stationary.

19-04-2017 20:12:05  <assbot>   (U//FOUO) DHS Intelligence Note: Unknown Cyber Actors Target US Water and Sewage Authority Network | Public Intelligence ... ( http://bit.ly/2pDp2Hg )

19-04-2017 20:12:04  <punkman>   https://publicintelligence.net/dhs-cyber-targeting-water-sewage/

14-04-2017 07:42:58  <punkman>   adlai: do people use solar water heaters in israel?

26-03-2017 13:04:10  <assbot>   Could this water molecule splitting gadget power the world - YouTube ... ( http://bit.ly/2njRqgN )

17-03-2017 12:16:54  <funkenstein_>   in other news props to the UN writers for calling water "wet" and fascist SOPS "apartheid"

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